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More than 30 million birr worth of contraband goods seized in one week

The Ministry of Revenue announced that 30,227,549 birr worth of contraband items were seized during the one-week period from April 7 to 14, 2013.

The cost of contraband is 25,865,213 birr, including clothing, electronics, medicine, groceries, cosmetics, spare parts, cigarettes and various weapons. According to the ministry, those arrested for smuggling money, hashish and coffee are valued at 4,362,336 birr.

Two suspects, including 21 vehicles involved in smuggling, have been arrested and are being investigated.

The smuggled items were seized during a joint operation by the Customs, Federal Police, Defense, Regional Police and the community.

It is said that if the smuggled goods were not seized and integrated into the community, the impact on the countrys development, community health and peace would have been worse.

Therefore, the Ministry of Revenue has called on the public to show their support for their country by supporting and cooperating in the fight against smuggling.

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