Mastewal Wondwossen on Fegegta react

Famous Ethiopian actress Mastewal Wondwossen had an interview on Fegegta react and this what she had to say.

Unique-flavored Ethiopian coffees may lose flavor and quality due to climate change: Study

Addis Ababa: April 15, 2021 (FBC) The taste of Ethiopian coffee can be reduced and changed due to climate change, according to an international study.

He said in the future, due to climate change, Ethiopia will be able to produce coffee that does not taste good in the future.

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Studies conducted a study on the impact of climate change on Ethiopian coffee production.

Climate change has a negative impact on Ethiopian coffee production, said Abel Chemura, a member of the study team, who said that the average taste of Ethiopian coffee could increase by 2090.

On the other hand, Abel Chemura, a member of the study team, said that if the climate change continues, the quality of high quality Ethiopian coffee will decrease.

He said this concern is not only for coffee lovers but also for those who create coffee resources in the area.

The researchers assessed the impact of 19 different types of climate change on Ethiopia’s unique flavors.

These include global warming, annual rainfall and seasonal conditions, according to Asia News International.

According to the study, Yirgachefe coffee in particular may lose its unique flavor by the end of the 21st century.

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