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The 7th Cyclists and Pedestrian Day Program was colorfully celebrated in Dire Dawa with various programs.

The program suggests that both drivers and passengers should use the mask properly.
Dire Dawa is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month with the participation of various sections of the community.

In her opening remarks, Director General of the Dire Dawa Branch of the Transport Authority, Saada Awale, said the project is aimed at reducing traffic accidents by creating alternative motor vehicles and pedestrian culture. It is being held on the last Sunday of the month.

As a result, it has been possible to create awareness in the community and changes are taking place, he said.
The director general added that the growing cholera epidemic is yet another challenge, adding that the community has little tradition of using masks, especially when transporting and driving.

To prevent this, the branch said it will intensify traffic control from next week and will take stern action against drivers who do not wear masks.

Deputy Head of the Dire Dawa Health Bureau, Yusuf Seid, who was present at the event, called on the entire community to protect themselves and their families from cholera outbreaks.

Deputy Commander Gulma Taye, Director of Road Traffic Safety Improvement Directorate, Dire Dawa Branch, and Dire Dawa Police Commission Traffic. A representative of the Directorate, Inspector Getnet Daba, in a message delivered at the forum, said the community should abide by the law and use the road properly and develop a culture of motor vehicle and walking.

He also said that the inspection of vehicles will start from next week and that there will be severe fines for those who load more than allowed.

The program ended with cyclists and community walks on selected streets.

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