Yetekelekele Part 159 (Kana TV)

Message to the Ethiopian people by the head coach of the Ethiopian National Football Team

Dear Ethiopians!
I thank my good creator for seeing the news of our nation’s return to the stage where we have been away from football for eight years at a time when it is rare to hear the good news.

We are sports people. Although we come from different parts of the country, from different religions and from different clubs; We are united under the Ethiopian flag to serve our country professionally for the common good without any division between us.

The Creator brought us here without shame, we sang in Ethiopianness, we sang in national anthems, we hugged, we begged the Creator, we rejoiced.

We are Ethiopia’s ambassadors. We have done our duty well and stood together for the sake of our country. In fact, this people deserves more happiness.

We will always do our best to raise our country in the ranks of other developed countries.
If everyone contributes to the country, we can create a better Ethiopia.

Finally, thanks to Instructor Abraham Mebratu and all the coaching staff who participated in the test from the beginning, this victory is also your start.

I would like to thank all the leadership and staff of the Ethiopian Football Federation for their trust and support in carrying out this difficult task and for supporting me in my work.

Although we are not together at this time for various reasons, you should rejoice that this victory is also a victory for all the players who have been with you through prayers and good wishes since the election until today.

I would like to thank all the coaches and club officials in the league that this victory is the result of your work.

The whole sports-loving family, Ethiopians at home and abroad, are glad to hear that your prayers have been heard and that you have been with us.

On behalf of the Ethiopian people, I truly thank you, the members of the training team who worked tirelessly with me on the job, and the professionals who have helped us in various fields for your dedication and professionalism.

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