Maramawit Abate on Guma Award

This years Guma award is held in Ethiopian airlines new hotel ‘Sky light hotel’. The artists were at their very best in the award including their dressing and hair styles.

Maramawit Abate, Fenan Hidru, Lidian Solomon and Mekdes Tibebu were among the controversy dressers. Their fashion dress were not common in Ethiopia. And many have asked why they did not use cultural dresses that can promote the nations rich traditions.

Good News

Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State Technical and Vocational Employment Agency announced that a second round of deforestation will be held at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Director General of the Agency, Beshir Abdurahman; He said 4,584 hectares of forest will cover the second round of the Renaissance Dam.

He said the water level is expected to be four times higher than in the first round.

He said the agency reached an agreement with Ethiopian Electric Power last week to carry out the clearing.

According to the agreement, the cost will be over 81 million birr.

He said the agency is entering into contracts with more than 5,000 enterprises comprising more than 5,000 unemployed youths from all woredas of the state.

According to ENA, 20 percent of the cost of the project is expected to be released by Ethiopian Electric Power soon.

He said the deforestation project is expected to be completed within a month.

Sherkole, Guba, Wombera and Sedal woredas on the left and right of the dam will carry out 40 percent of the project, he said.

He said the remaining 60 percent of the refinery has been distributed to other woredas and city administrations in the state.

Each enterprise will take a minimum of 10 hectares and a maximum of 20 hectares of forest, he said.

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