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“We are following a new path to lift our people out of poverty”: Shimeles Abdissa

“The Oromia regional government is following a different path, not the usual way, to lift the people out of poverty,” said Shimeles Abdissa, the region’s president.

A delegation led by the President visited honey production and various development activities in Jimma Zone.

Speaking on the occasion, Shimeles Abdissa said the Oromia regional government is working to alleviate the problem and alleviate the problem.

He said steps are being taken to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty in a short period of time.

He said one of these projects is the Coffee and Tea Initiative, which is working to triple the revenue from coffee.

He said the second initiative is related to wheat production and the declaration of Adama in Adama.

He said the purpose of the initiative is to produce wheat locally and eliminate imports.

He said the company has been able to produce 3 million quintals of wheat.

He said up to 15 initiatives have been prepared in the fields of fruits and vegetables, trade and agro-processing and other sectors.

“Oromia has a large forest, but we export a small amount of honey,” said Shimeles. It is hoped that in the short term, we will turn Aromia into a sea of honey. ” He explained.

He said if the farmers benefit more from this, they will be able to eat for themselves and maintain their health, supply it to the local market and work in a coordinated manner to export it.

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