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Interview with Sara T on Seifu show

Sara T is one of the emerging music talents in Ethiopia. She has released single music videos which give her attention from the audience. Specially the music titled as “min larglih” was very popular.

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The Shemu Food Oil Factory completed its expansion and started producing 950 tons of oil a day

The 1.6 billion birr expansion company has started producing 950 tons of oil per day.

Although the company has been producing edible oil in Dire Dawa since 2018; It has been pointed out that he has been expanding to meet the needs of the sector.

According to Fraser Debela, General Manager of Shemu Management Private Limited Company, the company started producing 130 tons of oil per day in 2010 EC.

However, he said the expansion work has been carried out due to the increase in demand.
The company said it has started producing 950 tons of oil per day using 1.18 million tons of inputs per day.

According to Tesfa Michael Goshu, the ministry is still waiting for the distributors to produce 3 million liters of oil in accordance with the price set by the Ministry of Trade.

He said only the Dire Dawa city administration is taking the oil at this time.
He said despite the government’s efforts to support the sector, it has still allowed the import of dollars for raw materials.

Shemu, a private limited company, joined the market 28 years ago and is currently marketing 15 different products, including oil and soap.

It has so far created jobs for 850 job seekers and is working to increase it to 1,500.

He says the company is still waiting for the 3 million liters of oil produced by the company and says that space constraints have hampered its ability to further expand its operations.

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