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Interview with Habeshan Meme team on Seifu show

This team had a big page on facebook but recently closed for unknown reason. They are the once that introduced meme to Ethiopia, we can suggest.

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A draw was held for the production and sale of shades

Dire Dawa Administration Kebele 08 Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Dire Dawa Industrial Cluster Development Corporation, Kedir Juhar, said that 39 manufacturing and retail houses located in the traditional center of Gehare have been handed over to the beneficiaries.

Deputy Head of the Trade, Industry and Investment Bureau, Abdi Muktar, on his part said the construction of six shopping malls in Dire Dawa administration has been carried out at a cost of over 20 million birr. Board Chairperson, Kedir Juhar, gave a detailed explanation on the management, handling and use of the factories.

The lot was transferred to one of the construction and retail houses engaged in the construction sector. Eleven were distributed to office and furniture retailers and the rest to other manufacturing enterprises.

Currently, most of the large-scale development work that is being carried out by micro and small enterprises in our country can be done with the level of training provided by local institutions and local experience.

It is also an indication that the government’s favorable policies to boost the industry can be used to a great extent in the country.

To take advantage of these opportunities, an attacker must always have the necessary learning, experience, tools and workplace preparation and psychological preparation. An organization that does not have the basic necessities of life and does not develop them in the long run is not a competent organization.

Finally, the supportive role of institutions such as micro and small enterprises, the Technical and Vocational Bureau and the Credit and Savings Institution is crucial to sustain the remarkable achievements of the past few years and to achieve our Growth and Transformation Plan. In order for the strategy to be effective, the management, the professionals, the mobile families, the supporting institutions, the community and the concerned parties need to pay more attention than ever before. He explained that he would take it.

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