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The National Road Safety Council held its 7th regular session.

The 7th Ordinary Session of the National Road Safety Council reviewed the performance of the Federal, State and Sub-Committees in the last six months of 2013 in terms of road safety.

The conference was opened by the Honorable Minister, W / ro Dagmawit Moges, who chaired the meeting. In his speech, he said he is confident that the conference will generate more national direction and solutions in the event that we do not lose the lives of our citizens in traffic accidents. Since its inception in the Council of Ministers, it has developed a number of road safety strategies in collaboration with stakeholders. He said the council is expected to discuss and set a direction for the success of the 10-year transport sector development plan, especially in the wake of tragic traffic accidents in various parts of the country last month. The council reviewed its half-year performance with stakeholders. In the performance appraisal, the performance of the major activities, the results achieved and the challenges encountered were presented. The most important and important issues that need to be addressed in the future were discussed. Finally, the Honorable Minister, W / ro Dagmawit Moges, said that the ideas raised will be used as input for the future. In response to the questions raised by the members of the council, they will further reduce the regional differences, strengthen awareness and enforce the law, implement the motor transport strategy and implement the recommendations made by the council members. The day’s program ended with an agreement to meet for better results.

Awareness training was provided on program budgeting and physical planning performance reporting in general. The Ministry of Transport’s Planning and Budget Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate provided awareness raising training on program budgeting system and physical planning performance report to office officials, directors, team leaders and coordinators. It was stated at the forum that the training will help to measure the performance of an institution and establish a fair system and to link it to the planned plans based on the policies and strategies that will be issued. Assefa Hadush, Director of the Planning and Budget Preparatory Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate of the Ministry, said the training will be used to achieve the intended purpose. He said it is important to provide awareness on planning and performance reporting with the planning bodies in order to create a consistent system in the institution. At the end of the training, the questions and comments raised on the training documents were answered.

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