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At a meeting, one of them is asked to comment. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know about you, but if I am allowed to, I will say a little …”

Another participant said, “I have come up with a lot of ideas on this subject, as I have learned a lot from Egypt, where there are ‘pyramids, captivating the world’.” He spoke to the audience from the top of his nose.

Psychological research has shown that people may react differently to similar stimuli. They can also behave in different ways. Therefore, before examining the behavior of the above-mentioned participants, we will examine the thoughts, feelings, and motives of their behavior before we say one is humble and one is arrogant.

Accordingly, the two speakers may have the upper hand. The first one is bent over and the other is being pushed around.

The center of our psychology

“… The center of our existence is the stomach. When a person is angry, his intestines swell or his stomach swells; When he loves, he loves, and when he hates, they do not deceive each other.

Our stories do not go unnoticed. The stomach produces malt. Please add it. Don’t remember the scythe … I think you’re angry! What do you remember about this story, Jal? it has. Why not? I can say that my stomach hurts. Do you think that the human stomach expands from the ocean? If you cry, he says, ‘Don’t cry.’ it has.

… It’s because we think in our stomachs that our heads don’t work. Your words are hurting my gut. Said their lord. Say it hurts! The lawyer said ….

… I kept the cabbage healthy because I was accused every day. Do not put me on my stomach and back. Ethiopia’s stomach is a mess … “

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