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Special attention is being paid to road projects that have been delayed due to lack of budget and some problems – Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe, accompanied by Finance Minister Ahmed Shede and National Bank Governor Dr. Yinager Dessie, visited various road projects.

At the end of the visit, Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe said the city will complete the road projects and alleviate traffic congestion in the city.

According to Adanech, the budget will be monitored and supported to ensure the completion and completion of road projects in areas of high economic importance.

The Deputy Mayor said the visit with Finance Minister Ahmed Shede and the Governor of the National Bank, Dr. Yinager Dessie, is aimed at finding the necessary budget for the projects.

Addis Ababa City Roads Authority Director General, Eng. Mogos Tibebu for his part, he said 34 km of road construction projects are being constructed by contractors and great efforts are being made to complete the roads this year.

From Kaliti Ring Road Square – Akaki Bridge – Tulu Dimtu Square, Kaliti Ring Road Square – Bulbula – Kilinto Square, Bulbula Kaba Entrance Medhanialem and Bole Michael Square.

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