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The giant factory will graduate

The oil factory, built at a cost of 4.5 billion birr by Ethiopian investor Belayneh Kinde, will be inaugurated soon, he said.

Belayneh Kinde, General Manager of Belayneh Kinde Corporation, told the Ethiopian Press Agency. The project has been under construction for the past six years and its total cost has reached 4.5 billion birr.

Belayneh said the factory has just started trial production and will soon be available on the market with the approval of the relevant government body.

He said the oil factory, which is expected to cover more than 45 percent of the country’s oil demand, will soon be completed.

According to Belayneh: The factory does not just produce oil. It includes seven factories; It includes more than half a century of modern construction.

Belayneh said many machines have been purchased with great responsibility and will be of good quality and will be used for the next generation. To speed up the process, 160 trucks have been assembled at the company’s vehicle assembly plant in Gelan, he said.

According to Belayneh, the factory produces 1.5 million liters of oil a day. He said the factory needs 20 million quintals of oilseeds a year, but the country’s annual production capacity does not exceed three million quintals.

To solve the input problem, Belayneh said the company is importing raw materials. He said the produce can be covered locally in the next five years in collaboration with farmers and the government.

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