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In general, an institution that can be created can only solve our mental health problem if it has the potential to have a positive impact on our country’s policy directions. This is where the idea of the Ethiopian Mental Health Institute (EMHI) comes from.

Based on the experience of our country, there are national institutes established in different sectors, the main purpose of which is to identify gaps in the sector in which they were established, with the help of research, to point out and assist the government’s policy direction. Examples include the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, the Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Institute, the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and others. By the way, in addition to the federal government, state governments have also set up various institutes in priority areas.

Another thing to be clear is that the establishment of a college will not completely replace the idea of the institute. Of course, there is a shortage of trained mental health professionals, but the opening of a new mental health college is unbalanced in terms of establishing an institution that can handle the above-mentioned problems. Instead, we can use our country’s medical universities, which number about twenty-six.

Let the Ministry of Health give us an ear

It has been many years since the Institute of Mental Health came up with the idea. This idea has been around for a long time and has reached its present stage. The Ministry of Health, with the help of the initiative, even went so far as to build a G7 building for the institute. This is a commendable act of the ministry. As you can see in the picture, the building is complete. However, the legal process for the establishment of the institute is being delayed. Occasionally there is a rumor that we will go to college. As usual in our country, we will continue to cry out to remind the institute not to let the big idea get in the way. Even if we keep silent, To the one who is wise, he hears the outcry of the streets.

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