A plane lost its roof at 24,000 ft

Delta flight 191 trying to make a stop in a Dallas on an L.A. leg. Got caught in wind shear, which literally pulled the plane out of the sky. It clipped a car on highway 114 and decapitated the driver instantly before crashing into a huge water tower and erupting in flames. Lots of casualties. 

How that pilot survived being dragged out side the window is incredible, and incredible that the crew held on to him the whole time without giving up and assuming he was dead, man he is lucky to be alive.

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“Today, the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, together with the members of our city’s cabinet, reviewed the performance of Addis Ababa in the last quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015.

In the last fifteen months of our capital, Addis Ababa, great mega-projects, people-oriented activities, work to reduce the cost of living, job creation, infrastructure and road and water projects, and encouraging results have been recorded in various sectors, including the 60/90 days project.

From the point of view of the journey of prosperity that our people want and our country dreams of, by strengthening the unity of the leadership, by expanding and enhancing the good results that have been started, and by solving problems, it is set in the direction that it should be spread by gathering the entire people and capabilities.”

Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe

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