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Famous actress Hanan Tariq mesmerizing photos

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Mr. Sadha Ledamo laid the foundation stone for schools to be built in two districts.

The head of the Sidama region, Mr. Sadha Ledamo, has laid the foundation stone for schools to be built in 01 and 02 kebeles in Bura district, Bura district, as well as in Bansa district.

In his message at the same time, the Head of Government said that all members of the society should play their part in order to spread pre-formal education equally in all areas.

He also stated that the government is working with the investor to ensure that children living in rural areas get equal education with those in cities.

The investors, Mr. Asefa Dukamo and Mr. Nguse Gemeda, who accepted the call presented by the government, laid the foundation stone with the head of government to build one school each.

It will cost more than 4 million birr to build each school, and investor Mr. Asefa said that they will spend a total of 20 million birr for schools to be built in other 4 districts.

The information we received from the office of the Head of Government of Sidama region indicates that Head of State Sadha Ledamo visited Lema harvest farm in Bura district in Kuta and coffee farm in Bansa district.

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