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Addisalem Getaneh and Martha Goytom on Maya media

Addisalem Getaneh and Martha Goytom on Maya media.

Being disabled is not a reason for poverty
Ato Jantarar Abay, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration and Head of the City’s Employment, Enterprise and Industry Development Office

The administration of Kirkos sub-city today handed over the keys to 35 enterprises organized by the disabled.

Deputy Mayor Mr. Jantarar Abai said that the city is working to create jobs for more than 400,000 unemployed citizens, among them there are people with disabilities, and the government is making efforts to prepare suitable workplaces for them. They said they are.

Despite the lack of space in the sub-city, the Deputy Mayor said that it is a great honor for the city administration to provide this space for you.

Ato Zhantarar said that there is an inappropriate experience of working in places in the city, which is that the place is given as a king and the party who is given it rents it to someone else, and that does not only drag the development of the city, but the party who rents it does not use it in any way.

The sub-city is planning to put 31,000 unemployed citizens to work in the budget year and Dr. Brock, the chief executive of the sub-city, said.

Among them, we have to benefit the disabled people, so today we have been able to arrange this place for 120 disabled people and 20 of the returnees. Dr. Brock said that although the sub-district lacks space, it is working to provide equal benefits to all

Even though there are a large number of people with disabilities in the city, it is not said that their numbers are used properly, according to Dr. Lena Yeshingus, head of the city’s Women, Children and Social Affairs Bureau. The doctor, who said that disability will never stop people from working, said that the ability of Kirkos sub-district to prepare a place for these community members and hand over the keys today shows that it is moving towards change.

Today, 34 enterprises and 93 operators have been organized without their disabilities hindering them. We saw their desire to work, arranged a place and handed them the keys.

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