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The talented actress Sayat Demissie and Love

Sayat Demissie is a famous Ethiopian actress and model. She has graced the film industry for morethan a decade now.

Sayat shares a lot in common with regular Ethiopian citizen. She always prefers the normal life style rather than celebrity life which she got through her dedication and hard working.

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The administration of Kirkos sub-city has 90 days to implement special plans from investors, governmental institutions and; He held talks with non-governmental organizations today.

Kirkos District has announced a special plan to be implemented in the next 90 days. Housing projects that will benefit the lower classes of society, house renovation, employment opportunities for youth and women, bread factory, parks, urban agriculture are the components of the plan.

The investors and institutions present at the ceremony promised to support the development plan of the district in different ways.

At the same time, Mayor Adana Abebe should not continue to be called Kirkos. They described it as a small Addis Ababa. You have stated that you are here to serve others for good and holy deeds.

According to the Honorable Mayor, he mentioned that in the last 60/90 days, people-oriented activities have indeed been done effectively.

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