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The field you are looking at below is a garden development in Lideta sub-city.

The Chief Executive of the Sub-City, Ato Asegedew A / Giorgis, in his statement regarding the horticulture development is the result of the cooperation of the backyard gardening that is being developed in the open spaces of the institutions. He said the results of the project have taught us that nothing is possible if we work together.

According to the executive, this horticultural development is not only giving green beauty to our sub-city but also playing an important role in reducing the cost of living.

Ethiopia to soon win wheat production – Bilene Seyoum.

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia will soon be a winner in the production of wheat, Head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Bilene Seyoum, wrote in an article in the Kenya Nation newspaper.

“Ethiopia has been making great strides in various areas of development in the past two years, in addition to overcoming the conflict in the northern part of the country,” she said.

He said wheat production in the agricultural sector is one of the major growth sectors in Ethiopia.

He also stressed that the government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is working to transform Ethiopia into a self-sufficient food crop and replace it with imported products.

He said Ethiopia is achieving results by focusing on key sectors such as agriculture under the ten-year development plan to implement quality and sustainable economic growth.

In particular, he said, there is a strong desire to prevent major agricultural products such as wheat from being imported.

He said Ethiopia’s food security and the replacement of imported products with local products is a big change for a growing and growing number of young people.

He said Ethiopia’s agriculture, which is vulnerable to climate change and recurrent droughts, has changed rapidly over the past three years due to improved policies.

She said previous agricultural policies had been dependent on the fall and harvest seasons, adding that the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had made significant efforts to increase summer wheat production over the past three years.

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