The man who fell in love with DJ Lee got a new tattoo

DJ Lee gave response for the tattoo her lover printed on his chest.

People who have lost their money in the ‘fraudulent’ online scam should report it to law enforcement – Financial Security Service.

The Financial Security Service has called on law enforcement agencies to cooperate with those who have lost their money in the online scam.

Financial Security Service Communication Director, Nella Assefa, told ABC Cyber ​​Media:

He said that after collecting large sums of money from people using social media, it was revealed that there were people who went missing and lost their addresses. He said the matter is being investigated in collaboration with law enforcement.

He said the recent so-called ‘Fias’ online scam, like other social and online media scams, could be one of the scams.

He said the perpetrators are deceiving people by saying that they will make you profit in the short term and giving various compelling reasons. He said the community was becoming a victim of the crime without being able to prove its legitimacy and attracting people he knew.

According to the victims, those who collected money through various payment methods will have their bank accounts frozen until the situation is investigated.

However, he said that the entire criminal investigation process is still in its infancy and details will not be available until the matter is resolved.

He said the public should be involved in social media activities to ensure that their collaborators are legally recognized in Ethiopia and have a valid identity and address. He said there is no such thing as a hobby without a job.

He said the public should beware of such scams as social media is used in many ways that can benefit people.

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