‘i am in love with DJ lee’ – amazing story of Dani and DJ lee

Dani is a famous Ethiopian tiktoker who is known for the videos he release with his friend tsegi but recently he revealed he is in love with DJ lee.

“Imprint for Our Generation” Seedling Planting Green Fingerprint Program Launched in Addis Ketema Sub-City!

Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Jantar Abay, Addis Ababa City Chief Executive, W / ro Shetaye Mohammed, and other competing political party leaders and residents officially launched the green fingerprint program in Woreda 14 Asko Addis Sefer.

Deputy Mayor, Jantar Abay, said it is planned to plant 7.5 million seedlings in Addis Ababa this budget year. ፡ Searching

Addis Ketema Sub-City Chief Executive, W / ro Shetaye Mohammed, on her part, said we have completed the preparations to plant more than 400,000 seedlings as a sub-city with the participation of our people.

Beautiful and green city Addis Ababa !!
The work of beautifying Addis Ababa continues.

Residents of Lafto Sub-City, Woreda 12, commonly known as Lafto 2,000, are working to beautify the area by planting roadside plants that fit the city at their entrances and asphalt pavements.

Addis Ababa Prosperity Party Office Head, Melese Alemu, toured the area on his own initiative and thanked the local community for the good work they are doing.


Our fingerprints for our generation!

Let’s work for a generation!

Plant for_Ethiopia !!

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