Diacon Henok Haile speaks about his wife Engineer Samrawit

Diacon Henok Haile is known for his teachings as well as his contributions in the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Let God bless this marriage.

She won the gold medal at Fana Lamrot

The vocalist Alemwerk Jemberu has won the Fana Lamrot Chapter 10 competition held today.

Singers Daniel Adugna, Desalegn Abebe, Alemwerk Jemberu and Geremew Gebretsadik performed in three rounds of live performances for the judges and spectators.

The judges awarded their respective points according to the criteria. In the gold medal, the guest of honor, Teshome Aseged, scored 104,263 points and won the final round of the competition with 200 thousand birr.

Daniel Adugna came in second with 99,247 points and won 150,000 birr.

Desalegn Abebe and Geremew Gebretsadik came in 3rd and 4th respectively, winning 100 thousand birr and 50 thousand birr respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Fana Broadcasting Corporation CEO, Admasu Damtew, who presented the awards to the winners, said:

Fana Lamrot thanked the judges, contestants, guests of the program, especially the Fana audience and customers for their contribution to the success of the event.

According to Admasu, there are thousands of talented families from around the world who are unlucky and are trying to take advantage of it.

According to the CEO, Fana is the home of the sages, and the sages belong to the Fana family.

Fana Lamrot Forum ÷ While we thank those who did well yesterday, we are ready to do better today and tomorrow.

Admasu added, “As we always say, wisdom seeks glory; She seeks respect; She wants to listen; She also wants to apply what she heard. ”

According to Admasu, the competition was a show of strength for the judges and spectators.

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