Diacon Henok Haile and Engineer Samrawit wedding ceremony

Marriage is a mission we all take from God since the day we are born. We are hear to reproduce and continue the generation of man kind. Marriage is blessed where we can be happy and live life of abundance.

We wish diacon Henok all the best things that marriage could lord bless them with children’s and may their house be filled with happiness and endless blessings.


The revised policy of creating a skilled workforce in the field of science, technology and innovation has come into force

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has announced that it has implemented a revised policy aimed at building a technologically advanced fast-paced economy, skilled and competent manpower in the field of science, technology and innovation.

In a statement to the media, Minister of Innovation and Technology (BEC) Bite Molla (PhD) said the policy has been revised to address the major goals of the country’s domestic economic growth, job creation, foreign exchange earnings, national productivity, wealth creation and inclusion.

He said research and development, technology transfer, knowledge management, competitiveness of innovation and enterprises, access to finance, environmental and cultural development are the areas that the policy aims to implement.

The revised policy, approved by the Council of Ministers in April 2014, is based on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the 2063 Africa Agenda, and the 2024 Science Drawing Technology and Innovation Strategy.

According to the ministry, the policy focuses on building a strong bargaining force at the international level, as well as on talented and talented citizens.

It is also stated that the aim of the policy is to produce qualified and competent professionals in the fields of science, technology and innovation based on the needs of the market and technology.

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