Artist Nibret Gelaw (eke) to get married soon

Artist Nibret Gelaw a.k.a Eke is about to get married. Eke is a known character on Betoch ETV series show. On Betoch show eke is a security guard of Mr Zeru and Miss Azalu. He is known for sleeping more than normal times.


Update from Addis Ababa City Administration Communication Bureau !!

The Addis Ababa City Administration is urging residents of flood-prone areas to take precautionary measures this winter

Addis Ababa is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. As a city that is vulnerable to various natural and man-made disasters in addition to its sustainable development and urban beautification activities; The Bureau believes that all necessary precautions must be taken in a coordinated manner to mitigate the effects of seasonal fluctuations and climate change, and would like to announce that it will play its part with all stakeholders.

It is to be recalled that in the past few years, floods, landslides, catastrophic floods and similar disasters have caused severe human and material damage in our city. As you all recall, during the winter of last year, the city administration has been urging the residents and concerned people to take all necessary precautions as the people living on the riverbanks, slopes, lowlands are at high risk of flooding and landslides.

Drawing on the past experience, the city administration has organized a team of experts from the relevant institutions to identify flood-prone areas in order to prevent the loss of life and property in the coming winter. According to experts in all sub-cities and woredas, 161 areas are at risk of flooding, of which 61 are flood-prone and high-risk areas. According to the study’s recommendations, the city administration has already taken precautionary measures to reduce the risk by allocating the necessary manpower and budget.

The city administration has taken into account any emergencies that may arise in the life and property of various sections of the society, as well as the various institutions and development networks that are considered to be endangered, as well as the possible damage to the economy as a whole. A number of activities are being implemented in the following areas to effectively address the concerns, citing research recommendations. For example:

A movement to lift communities living near the river “
Construction work to prevent landslides and floods along rivers
Clean-up operation to remove debris dumped in rivers
Indigenous vegetation cover and drainage pipes.

The city administration has announced that a number of precautionary measures are being taken to protect the river banks and reduce the risk of accidents.

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