Dawit Tsige surprised fans on comedian eshetu show

Dawit Tsige was a surprise guest on Comedian Eshetus donkey tube regular show. The show presents several artists and this time it was the turn of Dawit Tsige. The attendees did not expect him when he appeared on the stage. Enjoy the whole bid.


Minister of Transport and Logistics Dagmawit Moges visits Dire Dawa Industrial Park

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Dagmawit Moges and the Mayor of Dire Dawa City Administration, Kedir Juhar visited Dire Dawa Industrial Park.

According to information received from the region, other senior government officials, including Sadat Neshan, executive member of the Prosperity Party and head of the Oromia Prosperity Party Branch Office, attended the visit.

The Dire Dawa Industrial Park was built by the Dire Dawa City Administration at a cost of $ 150 million and was inaugurated two years ago by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Similarly, Dire Dawa, which is under construction at a cost of 69 million 589 thousand 56 dollars, visited Dagmawit Moges, Kedir Juhar, Sadat Nesha and other senior government officials.

The completion of the dry port is expected to reduce the amount of foreign exchange and create jobs for the local community by relocating containers previously used at the port of Djibouti to Dire Dawa.

The dry port has a standard container repair garage, weighs the capacity of rail containers and ግንባታ The construction of the dry port has reached 95.9%.

The failure of the Dire Dawa Hurso road is a major challenge for the port and the Dire Dawa administration has been asked to pay attention to the issue.

He also visited Dire Dawa Mayor Diri Jawar and other senior officials on the ongoing work being carried out by the Dire Dawa Police Commission to establish law and order.

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