Amazing couples on EB’s Sunday show

These couple were guests on EBs TV for the couples hour regular program. They shared their life experience and the teach others about how to stay strong and see marriage be a success. They have been through a lot but they stick together through the thin and thick.

Addis Ababa is expanding its urban agricultural activities, which play an important role in stabilizing the cost of living and creating job opportunities for residents.

As a result of the city administration’s monitoring and efforts, the practice of producing edible products and the production of similar products in public and government institutions is being expanded in Addis Ababa.

In the first six months of this year alone, more than 12,000 households have been involved in urban agriculture in Addis Ababa, increasing the total number of urban agricultural users to 190,000. More than 4,000 youths have been provided with job opportunities.

In 2013/14, 5,886 hectares of land was cultivated with various crops. Currently, it is planned to develop 366 hectares of land with summer irrigation development and 339 hectares (93%) of the land is being cultivated.

Crop and mushroom resource development; In animal husbandry; Efforts in the supply of dairy products and hides and skins are showing good results.
Our food from our backyard !!

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