Artist Mahider Assefa wealth

Artist Mahider Asefa is now officially a millionaire. She is one of the famous actresses during her acting days. Buy since she got out of that film industry, she has focused on several business startups and managing them with othera.

Twelve Out of 18 Bank Presidents in Ethiopia Passed Commercial Bank Leadership !!

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has awarded a cash prize of 50,000 birr and a certificate of appreciation to its senior employees who have served the bank for 40 years and above.

The President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Abe Sano, said the bank has made significant contributions to the banking sector in Ethiopia.

This is a testament to the fact that 12 of the 18 bank presidents in Ethiopia are currently in the top leadership of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, he said.

Former President of the Bank and current President of the Bank of Abyssinia, Bekalu Zeleke, were among those who were honored at the inauguration and 80th anniversary of the building.

Commercial Bank Award Winners !!

1. His Excellency Girma Birru, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Macroeconomics

2. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Board Chairman Teklewold Atanafu

3. Tefera Degfe, who has contributed to the history of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

4. Alemu Abera, the current president of Buffalo Bank in South Sudan.

5. Tilahun Abay played a major role in the banking sector in Ethiopia.

He received the award from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.


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