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I would like to thank all those who contributed to the establishment of the great race and its continued glory. Especially the pride of our country; The son of a determined Ethiopian; On behalf of myself and Ethiopia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Athlete Haile Gebre Selassie, one of the foremost victims of her suffering and happiness.

A great man is one who keeps his greatness; It means doing a great job for the country. Someone passes by; History and work, on the other hand, speak and glorify. Haile pays homage to Ethiopia He became a role model for many substitute athletes.

My strength is an example of how to turn money from investment into investment. Haile is not only an athlete but also a mentor, mediator, elder. We have seen many times that when the country is raped, he is as angry as a leopard and does not know the joke about Ethiopia. Ethiopia needs millions like Haile.

Over the past two decades, the Great Run has brought together hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians; Once a year he made them focus on peace, love, and fellowship. Citizens who could not join in the religious festivities embraced the great race; People who could not unite at the national anthem met together in anticipation of the great race.

While praising my strength in the Great Run, not only in terms of the contribution of the event to athletics, but also in creating Ethiopian unity, Ethiopian connection, Ethiopian rapprochement; It is also because we have begun a great event that is not limited to race, language and religion.

I believe that all of you who have come to participate in this great race will win Ethiopia with all your heart. Just as you have run together today, regardless of race, creed, political affiliation or gender; I urge you to unite and run on the world stage so that Ethiopia can win everything and break the record.

This is a great race in East Africa, then in all of Africa; I also believe that it will be a great event that will make a name for Ethiopia all over the world. The government will provide all necessary support for this. Let’s run for Ethiopia: If we run together, Ethiopia will win.

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