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Addis Ababa Roads Authority says road construction is a challenge for me.

Iyasu Solomon, Deputy Director General of the Authority, told Bisrat Radio that despite the Authority’s efforts to complete the construction of several roads within the stipulated time, border enforcement problems are an obstacle.

More than 15 road projects with good governance problems have been completed this year, but most of them have been completed on time. The main reason for this is that there are houses that have been banned by the courts.

Iyasu Solomon told Bisrat Radio in particular that demarcation issues will not be resolved by the authority alone.

He also called on stakeholders to work with the Authority more than ever before, noting that the demarcation process could not be resolved before the construction of the border could begin.

Ras Admas Microfinance Established by former members of the Ethiopian Army announces the start of the sale of shares !!

The former Ethiopian Army Development and Relief Association said it is working to assist former members of the army.

The association, which has more than one million members, has officially started the sale of its Ras Admas microfinance company, Berhanu Amare, the association’s general manager, told Bisrat Radio.

He said the corporation got its name “Ras Admas” by borrowing it from a historic mountain where members of the army fought hard in the northern part of Ethiopia.

He said the sale of one share is 500 birr, adding that one has to buy at least ten lots to become a member of the association.

According to Chief Berhanu, more than 20 million birr worth of shares have been sold since the beginning of the sale.

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