Mensur Jemal to be next Ethiopian president

“Integrated Freight Management System” inaugurated by fully domestic experts.

The system was developed by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Institute of Technology and Innovation.

The system enables the issuance and renewal of licenses in the sector, the registration of new vehicles, the issuance and renewal of cross-border identification, payment, control of transmission, and the measurement of freight and travel distance.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, W / ro Dagmawit Moges, said the integrated freight management system will significantly change the problems in the dry and sewer transport sector.

The Minister of Innovation and Technology, Biko Molla (PhD), on his part said the establishment of an efficient, reliable and modern transport and logistics system is crucial to fully implement e-commerce in Ethiopia.

He said if the problems in the transport and logistics value chain can be solved with efficiency, manpower, organization and technology, Ethiopia can be a logistics hub for Africa.

The system allows operators to access services without having to go to the office in person, and is linked to Tele Birr for payment.

Next, it works to connect with all the banks.

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