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The sculpture is by artist and sculptor Bekele Mekonnen.

From the architecture to the monument, a library of canonical knowledge and art.

The library that was inaugurated yesterday is called Enlightenment Enlightenment. The library is a library of Kyanian knowledge and art from the exterior to the architecture. Buildings, especially in European countries, and I have always been jealous.

Enlightenment Library indicates that the building was built on the basis of the library’s ideas and vision, including its appearance. Looking at the Enlightenment Library, which envisions the material and spiritual values of our country in another country, will make it a cornerstone not only for architects but also for public and private buildings.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on the purpose of the library and its architecture, said.

Ethiopia has chosen the path of civilization for its children. And she will keep watch over her enemies. The way of civilization is to learn, to reason, to debate, to debate, to overcome ideas, to acquire knowledge, to rely on logic, evidence and information. They said.

He built the statue on the door of the illuminated library. This statue is a great addition to the building and the library. This statue was made by artist and sculptor Bekele Mekonnen. Bekele Mekonnen is one of the artists in our country.

So I asked him over the phone to tell me about the meaning of the statue and its whole work. Bekele Mekonnen also asked me why I did not send you a general article on the monument. Here is the text I sent to you.

“The statue, erected at the entrance of the new Enlightenment Public Library, is composed of sculptures, sculptural motifs, and the bold freedom of childhood.

The content was deliberately chosen to give the audience a chance to relax during the last months of their childhood, before they went to the library and began reading Kostara.

The brass-clad child is free from all influences of this world as a child, and has a warm game with an existing sphere and number sphere on which we grew up. It’s a wonderful moment.

The main goal of this model is to keep the talents of the past in this winter, even though everyone will later join the same procession. The main bearer of the shape is a large rock left as it was created, and it is chosen to combine subliminal beauty with other aesthetic formulas and add surprise.

The baby and the spelling are playful and playful elements of color, texture, text, weight and lightness.

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