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The number of wild horses is increasing.

The endangered species of wild horses in Gundum Woreda, East Hararge Zone, Gundum Woreda are gaining results.

Horses on Mount Kundu, which are said to be more than a century old, are said to be under increasing protection.

Aleka Nesreddin, head of the East Hararge Zone Environmental Protection Authority, said the number of wild horse species in Ethiopia alone outside Namibia has dwindled to four.

He said the number has increased to 31 due to the current security situation.

Oromia Regional State Forest and Environmental Protection Agency spokesman, Daoud Mume, told Fana Broadcasting Corporation that some of the country’s natural resources are among the country’s wild horses.

He said he is working with the federal government at the end of last year to ensure maximum monitoring and protection.

Director of the Harar Biodiversity Center of the Ethiopian Institute of Biodiversity, Solomon Mengistu, said efforts are underway to save the horses from extinction.

It is also pointed out that the presence of horses and the increasing number of them are contributing significantly to the development of tourism in the country.

Mount Kundudo is part of the Gursum and Jarso districts of eastern Hararge, and is home to a number of public places, including forest horses.

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