Maki Kb survived a car accident

Maki KB is one of the emerging music talents in the country. Her songs are smooth to the ear and any one who likes slow songs will be happy with it.

Laineh Kinde Group is constructing a car assembly plant in Debre Berhan town.

It has a budget of one billion birr.
Laineh Kinde Group, which is carrying out huge projects in Ethiopia, is constructing a car assembly plant in Debre Berhan town.

The factory is the second of its kind in the group and is the first factory to assemble and supply heavy dry and liquid and modern public transport buses in Galan.

The construction of the giant car assembly plant, which started in Debre Berhan town, will supply heavy dry and liquid trucks, tractors, modern cars and minibuses to the market.

The factory is located on 6.5 hectares of land and is under contract with Laineh Kinde.

Belayneh Kinde, chairman of the board and owner of the group, Belayneh Kinde, said the country needs to work harder than ever to save the war-torn economy.

          Belayneh Kinde Corporation Construction Sector Executive Engineer Ayal Achameleh on his part said the construction company is gaining a lot of experience in the construction of the factory.

          Laineh Kinde Group has assembled and supplied Ivyco trucks for the Fibella Oil Factory in Bure, a car assembly plant in Gelan town. Belayneh Kinde, the owner of the group, was honored at the award ceremony held in Dubai a few days ago.

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