Mesay Mekonen on Seifu show

Miko is an Ethiopian Youtuber who started his job with a prank videos. He used to prank people and upload his videos on YouTube. He monitize his videos to make money.

Recently many entrepreneurs have joined him as video makers and they are all making money from the platform. What is likable about this business is, if you are creative you are certain to make the most out of it.

Do you understand why the woman you fell in love with fell in love with you?

Don’t try to figure out how she feels about this, don’t follow her and ask her friends! Do not hesitate to browse her Facebook account.

If you do not have the moral strength to accept it, your heart will grow weary of hatred! Whatever you do, my friend, you will poison your heart with hatred! If not, do it! Give her your heart without covetousness.

Demonstrate how much you trust her and that she is a part of your life. Where did you ever go? Where did you go? Make her feel free.

My brother, if you love her then, believe that there is no king but you and she will reign over her life.

If you do not love her and she is close to you for another purpose, she will not be able to bear the love and respect you give her, so she will stay away from you!

She will not have the courage to stand before you without a pure heart.

There is no such thing as love to know your friend and your enemy!

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