The truth behind Dr Hiwot Mesfin tragic story

Take a moment to listen the full story. Our sister, Dr. Hiwot Mesfin, was born on September 20, 1985 Ethiopian calendar. She graduated from Nati Elementary School in  Addis Ababa (grades 1 -5) and grades 6-12 in Magic Carpet School.

She excelled in her preparatory education and was assigned to the prestigious medical school she had been dreaming of since she was a child, attending Haromaya University. She graduated from medical school on December 15, 2009 E.C. It was a time of great joy for her family, relatives and friends.


It is estimated that there are no more than 2,000 hotels in Ethiopia.

The number of hotels included or not included in the star rating in Ethiopia is less than 2,000, according to the Minister of Tourism.

The Minister of Tourism, in a consultation with the House of Peoples’ Representatives and the Standing Committee on Trade and Tourism on the ten-year plan, said there should be enough hotels to realize the one million Diaspora expected in December.

Infrastructure works are said to be too limited for Ethiopia to reap the benefits it deserves in the tourism sector.

The Minister of Tourism, Ambassador Nancise Chali, said the number of tourists coming to Ethiopia is expected to increase to 7 million in the next one year.

“We need to take into account the availability of hotels and other necessary infrastructure,” he said.

According to the ambassador, one of the plans for the ten-year tourism sector is to build standard hotels in the capital and regional cities.

Ethiopian Airlines announces 30% discount on “Great Travel Home” to Ethiopia

FDRE Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on Ethiopians living abroad and Ethiopian friends to take part in the “1 Million Home” campaign.

The Prime Minister, in a call on his social media page, called on the 1 million Diaspora Ethiopians and Ethiopian friends to return home to celebrate the New Year in Ethiopia.

Following this, the airline said, “From now until December 11, 2014, register and buy your ticket.

Travel from December 23 to January 23, 2021. “

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