Athlete Tirunesh Dibaba baby shower

Tirunesh Dibaba Baby shower

Tirunesh Dibaba is a famous Ethiopian long distance runner. She is one of the most talented athletes of the Dibaba family who have won multiple Olympic and world championship gold medals.

Tirunesh is a sister of Ejigayehu Dibaba, Genzene Dibaba and a cousin of famous long distance runner Derartu Tulu, who is the first African Woman to win long distance Olympic gold medal.

Tirunesh is now a mother of three. She is a wife of another Ethiopian runner Sileshi Sihine. This vid covers the baby shower of this famous athlete.


Three Ethiopian coffee varieties accepted by Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group, led by Chinese Jackma, has reportedly recognized three Ethiopian coffees.

Coffee varieties such as Wild, Hadero and Arada are recognized by the Alibaba Group.

Wild Coffee Managing Director Gezahagn Mamo told Ethio FM that Jackama, the owner of Alibaba Group, came to Ethiopia after talks with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The Minister of Trade and Industry has been working hard for the past four to five months to get the coffee accepted by Alibaba Group, he added.

He said the coffee, which is now part of the Aliba Group, was sold online in various European and African countries.

He said the inclusion of these Ethiopian-branded coffees in Alibaba will enable the country to earn foreign exchange easily.

According to the Managing Director, the three coffee products have been on sale through Alibaba Gp since yesterday.

Ethiopian coffee products are currently gaining international recognition.

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