Famous artist Wazi world show up

Wazi just released a controversial video which many are not happy with. Previously she was known for her exemplary works but recently she is showing the other side of her self.

My wife and I were happily married before. But we had to work hard to improve our lives and provide for our children. Along with our regular work, we also started various businesses.

Our marriage took place in the absence of her family. I knew that her mother was not at Tsebel and that we would arrange a program for them when they left. According to our tradition, it was impossible to find him before the family introduced him to the party, so I temporarily left my house and booked a hotel.

Talking to my wife about getting married tomorrow, my mother said that she would never marry me. My wife was pregnant, and they made every effort to keep her from giving birth. As the disagreement intensified, she left and came with me. We moved and lived together. Our son was born. We opened a restaurant. We continued to live successfully.

Her family sent an elder, and she accepted the offer. Reconcile me too. They started coming back to where we lived and they never lived. Their existence would not have been so bad, but they became commander-in-chief and money began to be wasted. We left them there and moved around.

She’s not happy when we talk about the fact that we have to live alone and that we have to decide at home. She could not decide. We love, but she has not been able to escape the influence of her family.

We had another child. After a while, she suddenly left me in the middle of a fight. People were telling me that my children were hurt.

Months later, when she heard that I was about to leave the country, she returned with my children. But her family is affected. I love her for not divorcing her and I don’t want to lose my children.

What would you do?

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