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Addis Ababa University to start offering master’s degree in Chinese

Addis Ababa University announces completion of master’s degree program in Chinese language for the first time in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa University Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mulugeta, said the launch of the program will strengthen people-to-people contacts between the two countries.

He recalled that Chinese language at the university will offer a bachelor’s degree.

Amanuel Alemayehu, Dean of the College of Linguistics, Journalism and Communication at Addis Ababa University, on his part said the newly launched master’s degree program is in high demand among students.

Construction of the new building of the Ethiopian National Theater has not yet begun due to contract termination

The construction of a new building to modernize the 65-year-old Ethiopian National Theater was started by contractor Afro Zion, but was delayed due to delays a year ago. Teklesadik Tekle Aregay, General Manager of the Federal Government Buildings Construction Project, told Bisrat Radio that the construction process could not be resumed due to the long delay.

Other building contractors were offered bids as part of the government’s decision to hire another contractor. Afro Zion, which had previously been allocated 1.5 billion birr for a three-year deal, had proposed to renew the contract, but the offer was rejected.

The requirements are to deposit money in the company’s common account, to manage the project manually, and to submit a subcontractor following the modernization of the construction.

Tekle Tsadik added that the construction of the new building will be 12 square meters and will cover an area of 7,000 square meters. The construction will cost 1.5 billion birr and will increase the number of theaters.

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