Rahel Getu – Etemete New music video 2021

Rahel Getu released her new music video. She has previously recorded three music videos which got her thousands of fans.

Professionals who excelled in the health sector were recognized and rewarded.

The Ministry of Health recognized the experts on the occasion of the 23rd Conference.

Sister Frewot Demise, Harar, Dr. Geremew Tassew, Dr. Hadis Solomon and Ato Musa Seid from the Somali Region were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Adugna Weisa, from the Institute of Public Health, Dr. Atakilti Baraki from Alert Hospital, Ato Belay Bezabh, have been awarded the Public Health Award for their outstanding work and performance in the field.

Dr. Getachew Addis received the award from the Public Health Institute, Kare Chawicha, Sidama Regional Health Bureau, Negash Sime and Oromia Health Bureau.

Dr. Marlign Antenbe, from the Somali region, received the special award.

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