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Ethiopia | Alemayehu Gelagai talks with Meaza Birru at Sheger Cafe.

It was Ba’alu Girma who ‘changed the image of the authors in a revolutionary way’. To a lesser extent, Red Star Call (especially one of the characters) used Gash Sebhat as a model for this book. The author wrote:

The main character in the book is Sirak. Sirach is a symbol of Gash. Gash Sebhat was a pickpocket, a drinker, and a self-sufficient writer. His social life is weak, he pushes his girlfriend to another man while looking at his life. The author’s perspective has been deteriorating ever since. Author is one who does not comb his hair, his shoes are slippery, his body is swollen, he is addicted, and so on.

The life of Gash Sibhat is associated with the pen of the festival and has a powerful effect.

If he had modeled himself, things would have looked different. He was a very clean, handsome writer. Even if he touches his shoes a little dust on the road, he will not stop walking and will not continue walking. He was always stylish, his tongue restrained, his neck unbuttoned, his scent filtered from afar, his shirt unbuttoned for half a day, his beard shaved every day.

Although we look at other early writers, the story is very different from that of the author’s character Sirak. Most of them were ministers, government agents, protectors, and protected their dignity, their clothes, and their addiction. Kebede Michael was very nervous. They were promoted to ministerial status, according to the officer. Their son, Mekonnen, was an author and self-proclaimed prime minister. Afewerk Gebre-Jesus himself, who could be considered a minister, was involved in consulting on the affairs of two countries. Young Lord Hruyi Woldesellassie’s traditional attire, which impacted the size of his body and his audience, was indistinguishable from the top coat. Hadis Alemayehu donated 3,000 square meters of his home to orphans named after his wife, Kebebe ― Tsehai.

Praise has a wonderful personality. Admittedly! But his personal life was not enviable. The image of authorship was shattered by the choice of praise from all of these authors, and it fell flat on our feet.

Once upon a time, members of the ’60 Candles’ Association hired Alemayehu Gelagai for a case. The young men had never seen him before. Alemayehu arrived at the place where the young men were stationed and saw the young men in the midst of each other’s passers-by.

“That’s it! That’s it!” They say to each other.

Alemayehu sat down next to them and heard a little conversation:

“I am the mediator of Alemayehu!” they have. The young men ate the ashes:

“Oops! You don’t look like that!”

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