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A monument to the hero Col. Bezabh Peter stands.

A monument to the hero Col. Bezabh Petros stands in Hossaina, Hadiya Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region. The place where the statue of the hero was erected today, October 7, 2014, is known as Col. Bezab Petros Square.

Who are you, Col. Peter?

… At this point, the F5E fighter jet was hit by an anti-aircraft gun. He had to go downstairs and save his life. But he did not allow himself to be saved, but he did not save himself. He paddled the flying jet and landed safely at Debre Zeit Airport. The jet was repaired and re-energized.

On July 30, 1969, the Somali National Army bombed the Negele Borena front and continued to disperse the enemy. Not only that, but he also shot down two Somali military jets. Surprisingly, one of the Somali military jets crashed into Somali territory.
The hero’s battle continues:

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