Saron Ayelign defended her self for the scene

With the kind heart of Gurage in the Wabe Valley.

(Traveling journalist Enoch Seyoum descends into the Wabe Valley.

This is a time for people to refer to. I was one of those who reached Wabe Valley. He is an Ethiopian paddle tourist who co-starred in the documentary Mystery of the Nile. Mule and Andy have joined forces to pave the way to connect Ethiopia with water tourism. I am with you.

Wabe is the womb of Omo. My goal energy: Then travel a long way. It originates in the highlands of the Gurage zone at an altitude of 2850 meters. Then there is a beautiful valley. He will be strong in the rivers of Horeb. It passes through a beautiful land.

We arrived at one of the passages. A good man named Kadis stood by our brothers and was about to paddle Wabe. We would like to take this opportunity to thank travel251.
We pitched our tents. Wabe’s voice is heard. In the past, a roundabout experience has been experienced. Now it’s another round: But the unstoppable, unifying force of the other rivers is being praised.

Wabe is angry in August. And in September, he loses his temper and adds beauty. It looks different in October. Then there is another woreda in Gurage zone and another woreda.

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