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The Ministry of Health says it supports the Jimma University Cancer Treatment Center.

State Minister of Health, Dr. Dereje Duguma said the government will provide appropriate support to the Jimma University Cancer Center.

The State Minister said non-communicable diseases in Ethiopia, especially cancer, are on the rise.

Dr. Dereje said that many attempts have been made to cure cancer, adding that radiation therapy is more effective.

“The launch of the service in Jimma is a great opportunity for people in southwestern Ethiopia who have difficulty accessing treatment to Addis Ababa,” he said.

Therefore, it is commendable that radiation therapy services have been launched at Jimma University Medical Center, ”said the State Minister.

Dr. Dereje also promised that the ministry will provide the necessary equipment and materials to make the center fully operational.

Dr. Abiyu Legesse, an oncologist at Jimma University Medical Center, on his part said the machine is a great solution for cancer patients.

He also said that in order to provide better treatment to patients, it is necessary to add a backup machine, generator and technicians to operate the machine.

According to ENA, Dr. Abebe Duguma, a medical student at Jimma University Health Institute, provided chemotherapy and surgery in addition to radiation therapy.

He recalled that the cancer patients were sent to the Black Lion Hospital for treatment for two years.

He said the laser treatment machine is currently being tested and is serving up to 10 patients a day.

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