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Faiza Mohammed was unanimously appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the Addis Ababa City Council

Addis Ababa City Council formation ceremony is underway.

In the process of forming a new council at the City Theater and Cultural Hall, Faiza Mohamed, who had been nominated for the next five years, received the support of 138 candidates.

Faiza Mohamed Omar was the head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Culture and Tourism Bureau.

He was later appointed speaker of the council for five years.

Addis Ababa Police announced that the roads around Meskel Square and surrounding areas will be closed for some time due to security operations starting at 3:00 am on September 30, 2014. Accordingly:

• Road from Bole Airport to Millennium Hall to Meskel Square Wollo Sefer Square

• Route 22 from Megenagna to Meskel Square

• 4 km from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Meskel Square

• Tewodros Square, the road leading to Piazza on Church Avenue

• Lideta High Court Road from Legehar to Meskel Square from the Armed Forces

• The road from Jemo to Mexico Square is a grass house

• The road from Saris, Gotera to Meskel Square, Agona Cinema

• The road from Bole, Atlas to St. Uriel Church, Ednamol Square

• The road from Aware to Kasanchis Women’s Square

• The road from Lideta to Geja neighborhood, the road leading to health care

Addis Ababa Police conveyed the message to the public to be aware of the fact that the roads have been temporarily closed to traffic since 3:00 am.

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