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The mega projects under construction are indicative of Ethiopia’s prosperity – members of the Diaspora.

Addis Ababa: October 17, 2021 ( Diaspora projects in various countries said that the mega projects being built are a sign of Ethiopia’s real growth and prosperity.

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora Task Force visited various mega projects being constructed and under construction in Addis Ababa.

Diaspora members visited the Meskel Square project, the Grand Palace parking lot, the Abrhot Library, the Adwa Museum, the renovated Addis Ababa Municipality and Entoto Park.

According to ENA, the various mega projects that have been built and are being built are indicative of Ethiopia’s real growth and prosperity.

Ethiopia Alemayehu from Norway He said the construction of the projects includes modern technology and is an indicator of the country’s continued growth and change.

“I really appreciate the projects I have visited in Addis Ababa,” he said.

For his part, Faris Mohamed, who lives in London, said the projects being under construction in Ethiopia are a sign of optimism.

He appreciated the fact that the construction of the projects was timed, planned and staged.

Alemayehu Abebe, who lives in the United States; “We are all happy with the huge development projects that have been carried out in Ethiopia in recent years,” he said.

The members of the Diaspora expressed their appreciation for the visit and assured them that they were ready to share their country with others.

He also called on Ethiopians living in different countries to visit their countries and support development.

Executive member of the Ethiopian Diaspora Action Council and coordinator of the delegation, Alebeh Desalegn, said the role of the Diaspora in the country’s development is commendable.

He further called on them to contribute their share to Ethiopia’s growth and prosperity.

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora Task Force have been visiting various parts of Ethiopia since September 10, 2013 and have previously visited the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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