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How can I save my marriage

You don’t want anything more than once you’ve tasted it. How can this ever be? How does God’s love change in this world? There is only one eternal God who is alive.

Everything is lost. But the Spirit of God is eternal. Seek this Spirit in you, not in the world. ፡ You are free ፡ Love.

Your God is life. He is your beginning and your end. And why do you want eternal rest in marriage, money, work, politics, fame and material things? If you want eternal rest, seek only one God. He will provide you with everything you need.

But you put the source of the blessing first, not God himself. You really do not lose anything. The good news is that your God does not want anything from you. Be a man of love. Avoid judging others. Cleanse your heart from filthy thoughts.

When you imitate Him, He puts His Spirit within you. He performs miracles that you do not know. Will you open your mouth to the God who is knocking at the door of your heart? Will you forgive all those who have wronged you? Do you clean up your dirty thoughts? Will you stop trying to find rest in the world? Do not harden your heart.

Do not stop your God at the door. Come in and try life. Life will be truly special. You will stop looking for anything but God. Do you want

While a man is walking in the woods, a lion comes in front of him

Realizing that he could not escape, he knelt down and prayed to God to close his eyes.
A few minutes later he opened his eyes and the lion knelt in front of him and prayed.
“My lion, are you also a believer?” He asks ……

The lion ……

Well done! I always pray before I eat !!

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