Kalkidan Tibebu and Tariku Baba marriage

Historical heritage endangered as city administration fails to release budget.

According to the Bureau of Culture, Arts and Tourism of the city, I could not make repairs due to the lack of a budget for the renovation of the heritage; As a result, Addis Ababa Culture, Arts and Tourism Bureau Heritage Preservation and Preservation Director, Dereje Seyoum, told Ethio FM that the city’s heritage is in danger.

Emperor Menelik’s Palace; He also told us that Wolde Tsadik Goshu and Sheikh Wajale’s houses are among the endangered heritage.

In addition to the monuments, various monuments in the city have not been renovated this year, he said, urging the city administration to provide appropriate support for the monuments.

In addition to the government, Dereje urged the entire community to take care of the heritage.

16 billion birr loan prepared for business community

Minister of Trade and Industry, Melaku Alebel, said
There are 2.4 million businesses in the country, of which 632,218 are located in Addis Ababa.

He said the trade sector accounts for about 28 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

He recalled that the trade law, which had not been amended for 62 years, had created bottlenecks in the sector.

He said this will buy the season and stimulate the sector.

Melaku said the ongoing reforms in the business sector are encouraging and solving the problems that arise in the business community. He said solutions to land and infrastructure issues have been identified.

Melaku said 8.6 billion birr was allocated last year for the supply of loans to the business community.

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