News about Mahider Asefa and the billionaire

Ethiopian billionaire Sheh Alamoudi has replaced Mahider Asefa with Askual Teshome. Shukshukta had revealed the reason behind their separation and dating the new one.

Ethiopians open the door to Instagram

Many people go to Instagram to view photos or short videos. Or vice versa – they share theirs.

Others go beyond that and take advantage of the opportunities created by Instagram.

This has brought some ‘pocket-sized’ blessings to others, as well as international employment opportunities.

There are tens of thousands of Ethiopians who have been able to promote their products on Instagram since their market boom.

And this social networking page has been opened by the BBC with four Ethiopian women who have opened the door to opportunity.

How to make Instagram a source of income?

There are many people who make money through Instagram. Some use it to attract customers by constantly sharing the work they have just started.

Others make their influence on the social networking site more attractive to young and female institutions. The experience of the four Instagram users is a testament to this. why?

Makeup artist Fitsum Yilma or Japi shares her work on her Instagram page, which has more than 70,000 followers.

She started her work with a ‘small’ device six years ago, and this page, where she shares photos of the people she admired, says that she ‘spent the market’. “A lot of people see me on Instagram.”

Ninety percent of her work is done through Intragram, she said, adding that Ethiopians from all over the world will come to see her work.

On her page ‘Enku Design’, which has more than 118,000 followers, she has made a lot of customers by posting her traditional costumes.

She has spent nine years designing costumes for events such as weddings. But five years ago, when she started sharing her work on Instagram, her customer base grew.

“[Instagram] is a great way to keep the market afloat.

Experts also note that when they share images of celebrities who have received their services, the number of followers and clients increases.

On the other hand, because of the reputation they have built and the number of followers on Instagram, the social network also offers a variety of opportunities.

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