Timnit Wolday – Segar – New Ethiopian Tigrigna Music 2021

Timnit is a well known Tigrigna singer. She has several single music videos to make her name and one who is believed to be among the best singers in the country.

Filmmaker Yoda Ephraim Instagram, which has more than 290,000 followers, says it is one of the main sources of revenue. She earns money by posting photos or short videos of messages from various institutions through my page.

“Instagram has helped me make a lot of money. One of my jobs is to promote a variety of products on my site.

She also explains that the social network has created opportunities for Yoda to expand her business relationship.

The story of Hannah, who recently gained one million followers on Instagram, has been on Instagram for more than seven years, but the last two years have brought her ‘money back’.

In addition to sharing photos and videos during ‘postpartum’ after the postpartum period, the actress said, she also realized the benefits of ‘doing business’.

Explaining that Instagram gives me the opportunity to ‘meet my fans every day’ is the first benefit I get from the social network, she says.

She also mentions that being aware of current trends in fashion and similar issues is one of the benefits of Instagram.

“Instagram is a source of income,” she said.

“If you want me to post them on Instagram, you will have to pay a lot of money…”

It also gave Hanan Instagram the opportunity to promote internationally recognized products.

“In the past, we used to advertise ourselves in magazines and on TV.

And with this ‘opportunity’ she signed up to promote products to three international organizations.

“These works have given me morale and hope. Secondly, I think it will help other international organizations turn their attention to me.”

How to be effective on Instagram?

According to Hanan, the first step to success on Instagram is to identify and identify skills.

“Instead of touching everything, I believe it will be effective if you focus on what you want and believe in.”

“Instagram is a great platform for anyone to show off their talents and reach out to those who need it,” she said.

Yoda Ephraim shares this idea. “Everyone has their own talents. We need to understand that first. We need to know how to make a difference and then move on,” she said.

She explains that the key to Yoda’s success on Instagram is active and consistent participation.

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