Hanan Tariq gets amazing surprise

Hanan Tariq amazing surprise

Hanan Tariq gets unexpected surprise at home. She was left amused by the effort they made to make her happy. Happy birthday to the beautiful actresses.

“The use of unauthorized ratings is prohibited!”

Here is the Agency’s notice regarding the adherence to the standards of private higher education institutions.

Each institution has its own ranking, which means “University, University College, College, and Institute.” Higher education institutions are not randomly assigned; It has its own set of guidelines and specifications.

During the evaluation of the ranking designation, the institution will develop a research and study plan as well as a policy and strategic plan for community service and its budgeted activities and results will be evaluated. And is complying with accreditation and other guidelines; Procedures and outcomes for teacher development and encouragement; The quality improvement system and its results, graduation capacity and other detailed criteria are shown in the rating.

Any institution is required to first apply to the Agency in order to obtain the required title. The agency should only review and certify in writing that it has met the criteria set for the title. Otherwise, an institutional title that is not approved by the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency will not be accepted; Certificates issued by an unauthorized classification are also not valid.

Due to the agency’s lack of oversight over the past three years, some institutions have been promoting themselves on the Internet and in the media using non-agency titles outside of the rating guidelines, but much work is now being done to legalize them. Therefore, as of July 2013, according to the Agency’s data, some of the private higher education institutions have the following titles: University, University College, College and Institute.

There are still 5 university graduates, and they are

  1. Unity University
  2. St. Mary’s University
  3. Rift Valley University
  4. Harambe University and
  5. Admas University.
    There are still 5 private college-named universities in the university.
  6. Alpha University College
  7. New Generation University College
  8. Sheba University College
  9. Hop University College
  10. Gage University College.

The rest of the private higher education institutions are called colleges or institutes.

Advertising, using a variety of documents and banners in an advertisement with an unauthorized rating other than the one mentioned herein; Printing, etc. are prohibited. For example, an institution can only advertise by a title previously known by the agency; Only authorized titles should be included on the graduates’ credentials; However, if the institution uses the name University College on the credentials given to the graduates, not the University College, the credentials will not be accepted; Some organizations that use unauthorized ratings are causing a lot of frustration for consumers; When citizens come to the agency for certification services, their credentials will be rejected if the grade on their credentials is not approved; They often incur additional costs and inconveniences without access to services.

For example, when they come to the agency for a certificate of travel abroad, their credentials will not be valid because they will use a title that is not approved by the university or university college. As a result, emergency travel is being disrupted; In addition, the fact that while they were in college, they identified themselves as university colleges, causing problems for employers and similar problems in licensing.

Therefore, if all higher education institutions have used an unauthorized title to their previous diplomas, it will not be accepted and they will have to make adjustments immediately. In the future, the agency urges them to fulfill their legal obligation to use only the designated titles in their credentials and advertisements.

Students can also verify the validity of the institution’s grading credentials at the time of graduation by reviewing the agency’s current letter of accreditation or the grade designation letter reviewed in accordance with the grading guidelines.
Therefore, any credentials issued by an unauthorized classification will not be accepted.

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