Famous artist Fitsum Yeshitla surprise on his birthday

Fitsum Yeshitla is a writer, actor, director and script writer. He has directed several movies so far. He has created chances for young actresses and actors. He is also a founder of Yemaleda kokeboch talent show.

What did the mother say to her son on the eve of the wedding?

My son, you are an adult now. Tomorrow you will have another mother. A new person will cook your food and share your secret. I’m not going to do this anymore … Love your new mother. Let me give you some advice before you go to bed!

One day we were talking to your father. He looked at me and said, “How can you say that?” “Yes, you stupid idiot!” I hurled insults at him. Do you know what he did? Guess what? He could have beaten me, but he left without saying a word.

If your father hit me and made me look bad, you would feel sorry for me today. You never considered him a father. You always felt sorry for him. You would not be a proud father.
My son, don’t hit your wife! If you have been insulted or humiliated, turn away from her for a moment. Things will improve later. So when your wife upsets you, remember this story of mine!

I’m going to continue where I left off … I’m so sorry I insulted him as he left me alone … So we spent the night together in the same bed. I apologized for doing all I could do the next day. He accepted me … So what do you think I did that day? After that day, I did not utter a word, and my respect for him doubled.

There is one thing you need to do. Listen carefully to your wife … Be a shield and a shield … Be by her side in times of trouble. Show her that she is your queen, even if your friends hate her. You know, your uncle didn’t like me … But your father persuaded me to change his mind and supported me.

my baby! … One day your father invited 3 people home. One was his boss and two were his friends … I cooked and served everything and forgot something … I didn’t add salt. I’m so embarrassed! As soon as your father tasted the food, he turned to me and said, “I told her not to add salt to the food a month ago because of her illness!” They all laughed and said, “Please give me some salt.”

When the guests left, he knelt down and said, “Lord, forgive me for lying!” is there. Your wife is like a baby … Sometimes you don’t know what to say or do … but get up and talk to her about it.

my baby! … Let me tell you about love… Love is a good thing. Don’t be surprised if your spouse enjoys love more than you do. You know, some days I really need to … but he’ll still be there. Other times he really needs it … but I will be so far … One thing you need to know … Don’t be selfish, one must understand the other.

Difficult times are coming. I used to work in two places to support your father … One night when I was very tired and went to bed, he kept me awake … but I did not object. Even though I was tired, I became like a person interested in him … but because I was not what I expected, he looked at my face and understood, “What happened to you?” I said, “Nothing.” Then he hugged me and told me bedtime story … love requires the mental and physical readiness of two people. Sometimes look at your wife and understand.

my baby! … Make it a habit to go anywhere with your wife. Spend time with your wife when you are out of work Be careful if someone invites you to come home alone outside of your wife … Be careful.
I know you love me and tell me your problems. But now things have changed. The next day, your wife needs to know everything. Don’t rush to me when you have a fight with her … Be patient with her for a day or two. Then calm down … talk to her … don’t tell anyone about her.

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